May Newsletter

Thank you for being an important part of Japan Property Investments.  We value you as a member and will keep you updated on the progress at JPI as well as introduce new offers as they come up.

First up, our interesting stats to date;

  • You are one of 7 members invested in JPI.
  • JPI now owns 4 properties.
  • JPI has received  ¥907,000 in rent.
  • JPI has raised  ¥3,400,000 of investments.

This is the first of what will be a monthly member newsletter.  Don’t worry, we know your time is precious so we promise to keep this to no more than a few paragraphs every month.

JPI Beginnings

Sim and I started JPI in February 2016 with a vision of making a community of like minded investors.  We have since refined that vision into two core values that you can see here on the JPI website.  It has been a whirlwind 15 months.  It is never easy starting a business from scratch and perhaps Japan is one of the harder places to start but the whole process has been exciting.  JPI is now seeing more and more interest.  The website is busy, our Facebook site is creeping closer to 200 likes and we have started a new Youtube channel as well, just the one video at the moment.

New Member Steps

Recently we have launched our new membership steps which we will be very shortly releasing on our social media sites. We feel that that it more accurately reflects our core values of building a community of like-minded members and creating an investment portfolio that will generate more future cash, create value and add to the quality of life.

Briefly, step 1 is entry level in the property market where members can contribute smaller amounts of cash and own shares in a property. Step 2 is a joint partnership in the ownership of a property and finally Step 3 is owning a property outright on your own.

None of this growth would have been possible without the support demonstrated by you are member and this newsletter is all about recognising that, so THANK YOU!!!

At anytime if you would like to contact Sim or myself, call or email and if you have a friend you would like to introduce JPI to, please do.

Have a great May!

Kevin & Sim